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Yeet! est une scale-up internationale originaire des Pays-Bas. Afin de donner aux conducteurs de véhicules électriques la liberté de se déplacer partout où ils le souhaitent, Yeet! tisse des réseaux de recharge adaptés aux habitudes et besoins des conducteurs électriques dans une région donnée. Avec un éventail varié de solutions de recharge intelligentes, Yeet! permet de toujours avoir la possibilité de faire un plein d’électricité facile et adapté. Que ce soit en cours de route où pendant que le véhicule est parqué, Yeet! donne une belle liberté aux conducteurs de véhicules électriques.

L’entreprise a été fondée en 2019. En mars 2021, elle comptait déjà plus de 60 collaborateurs. D’ici la fin de l’année 2021, Yeet! prévoit de développer 50 sites répartis en Belgique, aux Pays-Bas, au Luxembourg en France et en Allemagne.

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Press release
18 june 2021

YEET! and MAES build largest network of ultrafast chargers for electric driving in Belgium

Apeldoorn, 18 june 2021 – Almost overnight, Belgium will get an additional 300 or more ultrafast chargers for electric driving. That is triple the amount of fast chargers currently available along the Belgian roads. To that end, MAES, operator of 262 petrol stations under the brands ESSO, MAES and SHELL, will join forces with YEET!. The first ultrafast Power Stations from YEET! will already be put into use this year. In three years’ time, most petrol stations of MAES will be equipped with a YEET! fast-charger. MAES is the first petrol station network to anticipate the gradual transition towards electric driving on a large scale. Thanks to this deal, YEET! is in no time becoming the market leader for fast charging in Belgium.


Ultrafast filling up with electricity

Electric driving is on the rise. The recent decision by the Belgian government to reform the tax regime of company cars favouring driving in an environmentally friendly way, will also prove effective. But only if the charging infrastructure keeps pace with these developments. At the moment, Belgium counts only 8,482 publicly accessible charging points. And only very few, around 110, are fast-chargers. As a result of the deal between MAES and YEET! around 300 to 350 ultrafast chargers will be added to that amount. How many exactly, depends on the demand for charging capacity. The aim is to service all e-drivers smoothly, without waiting time. Therefore, some locations will get more than just one ultrafast charger. The Power Stations of YEET! have a charging capacity of 350 kW, in contrast to the 22 kW of the conventional charging station. Previously, YEET! secured contracts for the installation of another 100 Power Stations in Belgium. The MAES deal brings the total to more than 400 fast charging stations. It immediately makes YEET! the fastest growing operator of charging infrastructure, with the largest network of ultrafast chargers in Belgium.

60 million for strategic locations
The philosophy of YEET! is singular. The company opts for partnerships with strategically situated location partners that share in the profits. Luc Maes, co-CEO of the MAES group, immediately saw the potential of that model: “It is a win-win for both parties. We provide the location and can offer our customers a sustainable alternative, while our partner looks after the investment, the technology and the operation.” YEET!, investing over 60 million in the project, is also delighted about the collaboration: “We deliberately aim at unlocking areas and the best way to go about that is to start with strategic locations like large link roads or busy traffic arteries, which is exactly what MAES is providing.” As a result, YEET! will be offering a large number of ultrafast chargers at prime locations in the next few years.

Scalable and smart investing

YEET! invests in accordance with future demand in the market, which will grow exponentially in the next few years. By 2025, the Belgian government wants to have at least 35,000 publicly accessible charging stations in place. By 2030, this number will have risen to at least 66,000. Of course, there is no need to build that many Power Stations, because people who park their car for longer times, are not looking for ultrafast charging. “If we want electric driving to become as obvious as water pouring from the tap, we need a healthy mix of fast and slow charging,” says CEO Wim Boer. YEET! chooses different charging systems depending on the location. After all, the company has developed a technology that enables scaling up and keeping pace with the evolution in the sale of electric vehicles. This so-called YEET! Scale-up is a future-proof solution for the electrification of industrial sites, shopping centres or other private locations with publicly accessible parking facilities. It is a scalable solution that enables 20 to 2,000 parking spaces in one location to be equipped with charging points. Car parks will in time become genuine YEET! charging plazas.

Close to the customer
The joint venture agreement with MAES is the next step in the expansion of YEET!, that chose Belgium as key area for its international rollout of charging networks. YEET! has already won contracts in Belgium for the electrification of the car parks of the Sportpaleis, Flanders Expo, Nekkerhal and Ethias Arena. In those locations, YEET! deliberately opts for a combination of a limited number of fast-charges and a large number of smart charging points that respond to the charging demand and behaviour of the consumer. YEET! is also securing large deals with hotel chains that are opening up their car parks for people looking for charging possibilities. “That is necessary, since not everyone has a garage or a private parking space at his house. The principle of each e-driver having his or her own private charger, is unfeasible in practice,” according to Wim Boer. All that is needed is sufficient charging capacity at well-chosen and publicly accessible places. Luc Maes agrees: “After all, we don’t each have a private gas station at our house either. Charging points should be situated close to the customer, that is key and exactly the philosophy of MAES”. Thanks to the agreement, both parties have now taken an important next step in the transition towards sustainable mobility in Belgium.


About MAES Energy & Mobility
MAES is a family business, established in 1965, and an expert in the field of energy and mobility with currently three core activities: a MAES-owned network of more than 300 stations, a MAES fuel card, MAES Hybrid Card and MAES Mobility Card and direct supply of fuels, AdBlue and lubricants to consumers and businesses. In addition, MAES offers every type of fuel. So, apart from diesel and gasoline, also LPG, CNG and electricity. MAES is a 100% Belgium enterprise with a stable family share ownership. In 2020, the consolidated turnover amounted to EUR 700 million. www.maesmobility.be

About YEET! Power Systems
YEET! is an international scale-up focusing on unlocking areas for electric driving in Europe. The rollout is based on smart charging networks for electric vehicles. The company was founded in 2019 and has currently more than 70 employees. To offer electric drivers the freedom to go wherever they want, the smart charging solutions of YEET! are tailored to the behaviour and demand of electric drivers per area. Yeet! enables you to fill up with electricity anytime, smart and simple, whether you are ‘on the go’ or want to park your car for a while. www.yeetpower.com

1 April 2021

Yeet! makes electric driving
accessible everywhere

Apeldoorn, 1 april 2021 – Yeet! makes electric driving possible everywhere. The company builds a smart charging network with the best possible charging solutions responding to actual behaviour of users. In 2021, Yeet! plans to invest EUR 60 million in its smart charging networks. By the end of 2021, Yeet! expects to have secured 500 locations and to have realized the first 50 locations. The rollout of the network starts in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. In the course of 2021, Germany and France will be added to the list.


Yeet! CEO Wim Boer: ”The days that every car had its own charging station are gone. We look at the actual requirement in an area like an urban district or business park. How many electric cars drive in that area daily? And how much do these people drive on average each week? This input is used to determine the charging solutions needed to meet the requirements of these electric drivers, without installing a station at every street corner. Our modular solutions make it possible to scale up charging capacity, e.g. in a car park, following the growth in the number of electric cars in the coming years.”

Yeet! on the go and Yeet! parking
Yeet! builds its charging network based on extensive location research. In this, not only the number of electric cars in an area is taken into account, but also the needs and the behaviour of electric drivers at that location. They can roughly be divided into two groups. Drivers that are on the go, eager to quickly fill up their car with electricity. And people who park their car and want to charge it while doing something else in the meantime. They can go to work in the office, for example, or plan to go shopping, attend a concert, a sports match or go to the movies.

Yeet! on the go is a network of fast chargers, called the Power Stations, that enable fast charging up to 350kW. Yeet! on the go is the electric equivalent of the classic petrol station where you fill up and go. Yeet! parking are solutions for electric drivers that plan to leave their car there for a certain amount of time. The Yeet! Scale Up transforms car parks into huge charging networks. From a central control point 20 to 2,000 parking spaces can be activated with charging options. As a result, electric drivers no longer have to deal with the frustration of an occupied charging station when they want to charge their car during parking time. The Yeet! Scale Up is future-proof because the number of parking spaces activated can be gradually increased. For each Yeet! location the right mix of fast chargers and/or normal chargers is determined, seamlessly responding to the requirements of the users.

Joint operating model with property owners
In rolling out its charging network, Yeet! makes a conscious choice to set up joint ventures with property owners of strategic locations. A joint operating model will be used, in which the location partner also profits from every electric refuelling carried out at his or her location. The more people who use Yeet! to fill up with electricity, the more profitable the partnership becomes. In this way Yeet! distinguishes itself from other parties in the market.

First Yeet! location in Antwerp and Liège
The first operational Yeet! locations are planned for Antwerp and Liège (Belgium). The charging infrastructure in Belgium is still rather limited, whereas the need is growing. Last year, 3.5% of all new cars sold in Belgium was fully electric and this number is growing fast, especially now that new tax regulations make electric driving for commercial vehicles a lot more attractive. To prevent a proliferation of separate charging stations, the city of Gent is now developing a smart charging network on the outskirts of the city.

Rollout smart networks in Europe
Yeet! starts the rollout of its smart networks in five European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and France. The signing of contracts with location partners has started in the last quarter of 2020 and is expected to result in contracts for 500 locations by the end of 2021.

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