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Yeet! wants to give electric drivers the freedom to go wherever they want. A good charging infrastructure and smart energy distribution are therefore of overriding importance. Yeet! builds its network at strategic locations, based on sound location research, a combination of smart technologies and a close cooperation with location partners. This is how Yeet! builds a strong network that offers electric drivers freedom everywhere.


Location research

How we choose
our locations?

To offer electric drivers the freedom to go wherever they want, it is important they can fill up with electricity at strategic points. Yeet! identifies the locations that respond to the needs of electric drivers in a certain area. The number of electric cars and the behaviour of their drivers are taken into consideration. Are they simply passing through in a hurry, or staying for a while to shop or go to the office, for example? Yeet! also looks at the technical capacity of the power supply, for example. All these variables together determine which locations are the most suitable for the Yeet! network and which technical solutions satisfy the needs of electric drivers in this area best.

In its location research Yeet! relies on a collection of verified data. They enable Yeet! to determine the value of a location with a view to unlocking an area for electric drivers. Simple examples of factors taken into account in the research are: Do electric drivers have to make a detour to reach a Yeet! location? And if so, how long is this detour and how willing are they to actually do that? What is the quality of the available power infrastructure? Which charging solutions can be used here? The sum of all variables represents the potential of a certain location.


Yeet! Consultancy is happy to help you choose and install charging solutions at your own location. Installing a charging system in your own car park is a complex matter. There are a number of choices and arrangements to be made. Starting with identifying which system and which size satisfies your requirements and is suitable for your location. In addition, various permits are required and the capacity of the power grid at your location needs to be checked in light of the preferred solution. And finally, you are faced with the challenges of installing, maintaining and monitoring the charging system.

Due to its own ongoing location research Yeet! has a lot of the information you need already available. Yeet! Consultancy allows you to profit from our experience in rolling out charging networks. We are happy to advise you.


How we build a smart
charging network?

Requirements of electric drivers vary from location to location. People passing through are looking for a fast way to fill up with electricity, while others know in advance their car will stay in a parking place for up to 8 hours. Drivers, therefore, fall into two main groups: motorists looking to recharge ‘on the go’ and those looking for a charging point during parking. Yeet! builds its smart networks with a mix of charging solutions, able to respond to the various needs.

on the go

on the go

Electric drivers ‘On the go’ must have the option to fill up with electricity fast, in order to resume their journey in a jiffy, without having to wait for hours. Locations that are tailored to this need are arterial roads or link roads between cities and villages. With its own network of Power Stations, Yeet! offers electric drivers the perfect solution.

by power.

Yeet! builds its own network of Yeet! super chargers, our Power Stations. Here, electric drivers can fill up their cars with electricity at speeds up to 350kW.

Depending on the capacity of the car battery, this means that a battery can be fully charged in a little over 10 minutes. Very useful for drivers who are ‘on the go’ and eager to continue their journey with a fully charged battery.


In general, cars are parked more than being driven. Obviously, this also applies to electric cars. Yeet! Parking looks at optimal ways to make the best use of this time. So that grocery shopping, working, visiting a restaurant, cinema or sports events can be easily combined with a smart recharge of your electric car. Per situation and expected parking time Yeet! looks at the best technical solution.

Scale up
Yeet! Port


more than 2000 charging points

The Yeet! Scale-Up transforms car parks into large charging networks. From a central control point 20 to up to 2,000 parking spaces can be equipped with charging points. As a result, electric drivers will no longer face the frustration of searching in vain for an available charging point when they want to charge their car during parking. The Yeet! Scale-Up is future-proof, since the number of connected parking spaces can be gradually increased.


airports and ferry ports

With its Port system, Yeet! satisfies the huge demand for electricity at locations like airports and ferry ports. This system makes it possible to provide energy to batteries, as well as tap energy from batteries in order to charge other batteries. The batteries of all cars combined form one huge battery. As a result, there is not much need to resort to the electricity infrastructure of the location. This intelligent and huge charging network makes it possible to charge all those electric cars that are often parked for long periods of time.

Charging stations

Yeet! always seeks the best charging solution in every situation.

Yeet! always determines which charging solution is best for each situation. Should this require individual chargers or wall units, then Yeet! will choose which available charging units are best suited to satisfy the electric driver’s needs. The charging units will be integrated in the Yeet! network.

Partner network

How we partner with
location owners?

In the rollout of the charging network, Yeet! teams up with location owners at strategic locations.
Based on the Yeet! location research we determine the ideal mix of charging solutions to satisfy local requirements. The partnership consists of a joint operating model, in which the location partner also profits from each charging session at his or her location.

In addition, Yeet! can add all kind of services to the package, like integrating parking fees, peak distribution or smart navigating in a car park. Together with a network of location partners, Yeet! can give electric drivers the freedom to go to any destination they like.


The operation of our Yeet! charging networks covers everything, from determining the most fitting charging solutions to buying electricity and monitoring developments. It ensures that the charging network functions properly and continues to do so.

Yeet! has all the knowledge and means to fulfil this task in an optimal way. We buy electricity in bulk, for example, have the data based on which we determine which system can best meet the needs of electric drivers in an area, and we know how to integrate systems in the most effective way.

Yeet! Power Stations are always operated by Yeet! With other charging systems, the location owner may choose to do so himself, or decide to hire Yeet! for various operating services or have the operation handled by Yeet! entirely. When operated by Yeet!, the partnership consists of a joint operating model, in which the location owner profits from every charging session at his or her location.


In practice

Yeet! already has a number of great partnerships with location owners of very strategic locations. Below, you will find a glimpse into these partnerships and what they can entail for location owners and for Yeet!

Easyfairs about cooperating
with Yeet!

Easyfairs, one of the world’s largest trade fair and event companies, organizes around two hundred trade fairs and events each year in, currently, seventeen countries. “In addition, we also act as event location operator, at four locations in Belgium and two in the Netherlands and Sweden. Here, we host trade fairs, business meetings and conferences, among other things,” says Alain D’Haese, COO & Head of Venues at Easyfairs Belgium. The events attract a lot of visitors. A growing part of them drives electric. Alain: “We notice an increasing demand for electric charging. A few years ago we invested in charging stations, but in no time that proved to be insufficient during activities at our locations.” Which is why Easyfairs called in the expertise of Yeet!

For the Easyfairs location in Mechelen the idea is to electrify the car park with Yeet! charging points, adding a Power Station right next to it. In this way, the company can service visitors of events who park their car for longer periods of time, but also people in need of a fast charging solution for their electric car and for whom the Easyfairs locations are along the route.

In partnership with Yeet! our current range of charging stations is being expanded and our charging infrastructure optimized. In this way we can meet the growing demand for electricity. It also enables us to make events more profitable all year round. Our locations are very busy from October to April and during the summer it is relatively quiet. Because we are situated at prime locations, we are highly visible to lots of people every day, which means we can still attract visitors with the charging network in our car park.

Alain D'haese, COO & Head of Venues Easyfairs Belgium

Yeet! about cooperating
with Easyfairs

By installing smart and innovative charging systems at the high-profile locations of Easyfairs, we can meet the growing demand for EV charging. Electric drivers looking to fill up their car ‘on the go’ as well as people wanting to charge their car during an event, can be serviced. In this way, we can make Gent much more accessible for electric drivers and give them genuinely the freedom to go wherever they want.

In Flanders, around 30,000 new charging points are needed in the next five years, according to Mrs. Lydia Peeters, Flanders’ Minister of Mobility and Public Works. How that will come about, is yet unclear, but that it will happen, is a fact. With charging solutions like the Yeet! Power Station we can contribute in a city like Gent to an improved charging network. Together with Easyfairs, such charging plazas at strategic locations can also contribute to realizing the ambition of the city of Gent to ban cars powered by fossil fuels from the city centre as much as possible.

Yves van Sante, Chief Commercial Officer at Yeet!

Park Total

Become part
of the Yeet! Network.

With Yeet! Park Total, a location owner of multiple strategic locations hires Yeet! for the entire running of the charging networks at all these locations. Yeet! takes all the planning and thinking off the location owner’s hands. Location owners can, for example, own multiple shops, cinemas, hotels or office buildings. At each location, Yeet! conducts location research. That can be at 5, but also at 200 locations. At suitable, strategic locations, Yeet! will install charging networks meeting the demand of electric drivers in that area. In case a location is not yet suitable, for example because there are not enough electric vehicles in that area, the research will be repeated after six months.

With Park Total, Yeet! and the location owner also enter into a partnership in which the location owner profits from the charging network at his or her location.

I have a location in the
following branch:

Hotels and
& Retail
& tourism

These locations are pre-eminently suitable for filling up with electricity ‘on the go’ and for charging during parking.

Many hotels are located at busy approach roads to or bypasses of towns and villages. These are excellent locations to cater for ‘on the go’ filling up with electricity as well as for charging during parking. Many drivers pass these locations when they leave or return to a town. That makes them very suitable for a Power Station. Drivers don’t have to make a significant detour to fill up with electricity, and if they do, it will not take up much time due to the accessibility of the location. While their car is charging, they can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea in the hotel.

Hotels with a large outdoor car park, can also accommodate a large charging network, like our Yeet! Parking systems. This would enable guests and employees of the hotel to charge their electric vehicle during parking. Depending on the location, this could also benefit people living or working nearby. Instead of parking their car at home or at work, they park it at the hotel. In this way, they use the time their car would stand still anyway to charge it.

A Yeet! charging system in combination with a large car park offers great business opportunities. It provides local electric drivers with the freedom to go wherever they want. In addition to that, the location owner also profits, because Yeet! uses a joint operating model to collaborate with location owners.

Are you a location owner of a hotel (chain) and interested to learn more about the possibilities of your location(s)? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The charging system is used as efficiently as possible and can respond to demand for EV-charging from employees, visitors ánd local residents.

Office locations often have large car park areas for employees and guests, with an average parking time of 7 to 8 hours. The Yeet! Parking technology is eminently suited to electrify such parking areas. With Scale Up, 20 to more than 2,000 charging points can be created across the car park. The technology enables an efficient distribution of energy to the individual charging points, based on the need and available charging time of the drivers. Moreover, the system is easily expandable, so that there is always room to charge an electric vehicle. This avoids possible frustration in your employees and visitors.

In addition, office locations offer even more possibilities. During office hours, the car parks are filled with cars of employees and visitors, but during evenings and weekends they are mostly virtually empty. For people living in the neighbourhood it would be ideal to use the car park during these times to charge their vehicle. In this way, the charging system is used as efficiently as possible ánd the (future) demand of local residents for charging possibilities is met.

For the installation of a charging network, Yeet! joins forces with location owners, based on a joint operating model. As a result, the location owner also profits from every single charging session.

Do you have an office building with a car park you would like to electrify? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Scale Up makes the most of long parking times to charge car batteries, whereas the On the go system fast-charges vehicles parked for a short time.

Supermarkets and other shops often have a private or shared car park for their customers and employees. These offer plenty of opportunities for Yeet! charging networks. A quick visit to the supermarket may not take more than 20 minutes. But visiting a clothes store, a garden centre of a shopping centre can easily take a few hours. Furthermore, also local residents regularly use these large car parks which quite often offer free parking. In short, users can be divided into two groups, people who park for a short while and want to charge their car fast, and people who park their car for much longer and want to charge during that time. As a result, multiple Yeet! charging systems are suitable for such locations.

With our Yeet! Parking systems, electric drivers can use their parking time to charge their electric car. The Scale Up system electrifies the car park efficiently with 20 to more than 2,000 charging points across the car park. In this way there are sufficient charging points to charge the electric vehicles.

Charging a battery while quickly popping into a store requires fast chargers. Moreover, many supermarkets and stores are located in central spots. A Power Station at such locations can charge cars ‘on the go’ or vehicles parked for only a very short time, quick as lightning. Giving electric drivers the freedom to continue their journey in no time.

Our Yeet! Parking and On the go systems are installed in collaboration with the location owner. A joint operating model ensures that the location owner also profits from charging sessions that take place at his or her area.

Interested in more information about installing charging networks at your car park? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Over the next few years, the demand for EV-charging in municipalities will continue to grow. Yeet! charging systems can easily keep pace with this trend.

The government, including municipalities, is expected to put a great deal of focus on making vehicles far more sustainable in the years to come. To stimulate the growth in the number of electric vehicles, more charging opportunities are needed. In various European countries targets have been set for the number of electric cars that should be in use as of 2030.

Municipalities can stimulate this growth with an adequate charging infrastructure. At Yeet! we believe this is best achieved by responding to the needs of electric drivers. Where is a peak demand for electricity, where are high concentrations of electric vehicles and where are these vehicles parked? At those locations charging networks need to be installed. They have to meet the current demand, but must also be future-proof. To that end, Yeet! has a number of suitable charging systems.

Where drivers of petrol-powered cars weekly fill up their car at a local petrol station, a large group of electric drivers charge their batteries ‘on the go’. Fast charging like this is possible at a Yeet! Power Station. In addition, there are locations where cars are only parked for a short time, like a store, and need to charge fast. The ultrafast chargers of a Power Station can charge a battery quick as lightning, enabling a driver to continue his journey in no time.

Other electric drivers are looking for charging opportunities during parking, an efficient use of their parking time. Our Parking technologies offer such opportunities. The Scale Up system spreads charging points across large car parks in municipalities. Charging takes place depending on demand and the available time. At the moment of departure, the battery is charged.

In the years to come, the demand for EV charging in municipalities will only increase. The charging possibilities need to follow that trend. With the charging network of Yeet! this can be easily realised. The Scale Up system, for example, can provide any number of charging points between 20 up to more than 2,000. A network may start with, let’s say 100 charging points, but can be scaled up significantly if demand increases.

Interested to learn more about the installation of charging networks in municipalities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The time during which electric cars of visitors to an event are parked, can be utilized for charging the cars’ batteries.

During an event, the car parks of event locations are packed with cars, including an increasing number of electric cars. At such times, demand for charging opportunities is huge. Outside of the events, these car parks are practically deserted. In light of these contrasting conditions, electrifying such car parks may seem challenging. But the Yeet! charging systems prove to be an effective solution!

Events last for a few hours up to multiple days in many cases. During the event, visitors park their car in the event location’s car park. That time can be efficientlyused to charge the electric vehicle. Our Yeet! Parking system Scale Up can do this in a very effective way. Across the car park between 20 to 2,000 charging points will be installed. Connected cars will be charged according to the available time and demand. Yeet! determines the number of charging points needed at an event location based on peak utilization rate. With the growth in the number of electric cars in the coming years, the Scale Up solution can be easily expanded with more charging points. Is this way Yeet! ensures there are always sufficient charging points available.

When there are no events taking place, the location’s car park is practically deserted. In many cases, however, there are offices and shops in the neighbourhood or the location borders on a residential area. This offers a great opportunity for employees, local residents or visitors to the neighbourhood to usethe car park for charging their car during parking. In this way, the use of both car park and charging system is optimised.

A Yeet! Scale Up system meets the demand for charging opportunities from visitors of an event as well as local residents, employees or people visiting the area to shop. Due to the joint operating model Yeet! has adopted, you as a location owner profit from every charging session. In this way, the charging system offers a lot of benefits to you too!

Do you have an event location and are you interested in electrifying its car park? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the options.

At any given time, the strategic locations of sports venues can be utilized.

Sports accommodations are locations with large car parks packed with cars during sports events. At such moment the demand for EV charging is high. When there are no games, which is the case in the majority of time, they are practically empty. It may seem challenging to install a charging network at locations like that. However, based on demand from electric drivers this is in fact quite effective.

During games, the electric vehicles are on average parked for several hours. This time can be used nicely to charge the battery. With our Yeet! Parking system Scale Up the car park is equipped with charging points. Depending on time and demand the batteries are charged. It is a huge charging network, which means there are sufficient charging points for all electric drivers.

Outside of the games, the car park is not used. But with the charging system in place, people living or working nearby can be offered to charge their car at this car park. Instead of parking their vehicle at home or at the office, they now use the car park of the sports accommodation. In this way, strategic locations can be used at all times.

This solution not only meets the demand of visitors, but also that of electric drivers in the surrounding area. Moreover, is offers lots of benefits for location owners too, since Yeet! joins forces with them using a joint operating model. As a result, location owners also profit from every single charging session.

Interested in more information about installing charging networks at your car park? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The efficient and sustainable charging system can easily be expanded when the demand for EV-charging increases.

In towns and villages there are often multiple car parks. Some parking facilities are close to the motorway. People park their car there to carpool with someone else. Other parking facilities are situated close to city centres and are used mainly for visitor parking. And there are other kinds of parking facilities. What all these areas have in common, is that they are often large with many parking spaces. In addition, many are strategically situated and the number of electric cars that are parked there is growing. These locations are eminently suitable for Yeet! charging networks.

Most cars are parked for quite some time. Their owners don’t return from their appointment until the evening, or go shopping in the city centre or for a nice hike in the countryside. It would be great if the battery of their electric car is fully charged by the time they come back, so they don’t need to charge it at another time. The Yeet! Parking system Scale Up makes this possible. The many parking spaces are equipped with a large charging network that charges the batteries based on demand and available time. Moreover, the efficient and sustainable charging system can easily be expanded should demand for charging during parking rise.

Since many parking facilities are situated quite strategically, lots of electric vehicles pass by every day. Car parks near the motorway, for example, are great locations for electric drivers to fill up their cars with electricity ‘on the go’. A Yeet! Power Station at such a location charges a battery quick as lightning, enabling the driver to continue his journey in no time. The location makes the station easily accessible to people in the neighbourhood, which makes detours hardly necessary, if at all.

For the installation of charging networks, Yeet! joins forces with location owners, based on a joint operating model. As a result the location owner of the parking facility also profits from every single charging session.

Interested in more information about installing charging networks at your car park? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!